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I'm going to be British...

and talk about the weather.


It is pissing me off. It is 10.30pm I have just been out for a wander with Molly which was muchly needed (some airrrr) as I have been sat studying and eating leftover junk food all day and it is gorgeous, almost a full-moon and feels like a perfect summer's evening. HOWEVER, all day it might as well have been February, cloudy, overcast and crazy crazy heavy rain showers this afternoon. And this has been the pattern of the last few weeks, the occasional sunny hour but certainly not the back to back glory I was hoping from my May/June in the South of France. And just to put the proveribal cherry on the cake...it's nice in England. How am I gonna make them jealous with my tan eh?!
Today I got excited when the BBC said sunshine for Tues/Weds/Thurs but the 10-day forecast has rain coming in again next weekend. Grr. And the Frenchies aren't supportive, all they keep saying is how "unusual" all this rain is for the time of year.

Grr. Grr.

Ok. rant over.

Last night we played Taboo. En francais. Twas fun.

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Yesterday afternoon I went with Molly, Eddie and Hari to try out the brand new Perigueux swimming pool, it only opened on Thursday! Was really cool, much pricier than the old one but worth it, had a well good time. Had to get a bus there and queue for a while to get in, but once in we were met by rows and rows of changing rooms and lockers!!! The pool itself was really nicely designed, all wood ceilings and nice, big windows (there'll be an outside bit open in Summer), when it started to get dimpsy outside they lit up the pools, was lovely. There was a standard "lengths" pool, a couple of childrens ones, a pretty good curly-wurly slide, and a cool adult pool with funky jets of water and stuff. We also paid to use the jacuzzi, sauna and hammam which was soooo good, ahhhh. Then we went out for dinner, goodtimes.

This morning I went to the book expo/sale at my school. The teachers were all there and pleased I showed up I think, had a coffee and biscuit with them and got to meet some of the parents which was funny. They had some nice displays of some of the kids work and a book sale, got a really cool book of proverbs.

The rest of the day has been lesson planning basically, boooorinnnng. But going to have dinner on Cecile's terrasse tonight which will be nice and then hopefully check out this Nuit des Musees thing (a load of the museums across France are open till midnight tonight which special events and stuff).

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Les nouvelles de l'ecole

Woke up this morning and in my emails I had an email from Muriel (who is now acting Headteacher at my Tues/Fri school) and it's an invitation! To a "typically French dinner" in my honour at the school in my last week of lessons! Well excited, should be really cool. YAY! My other school has taken the note down which I'd put up saying I was leaving...so not so much hope there...

HOWEVER, the directeur there and one of the teachers were the chattiest they'd even been today. The breaktimes were RIDICULOUSLY long (I think because a lot of the teachers were striking the others thought "who cares?!")...like school started half an hour later and then the recreation at 10am was 45 mins long (meant to be 15)!!! But yeah one of the teachers who has always been friendly but not said much engaged me in a cool little conversation about schools in England and the directeur took my email address to give to an English friend here who edits an English puplication in the Dordogne and might want something written about the assistants.

It was cute this morning before school started, two of the kids from my first class spotted me up in their classroom from the playground, they started waving frantically and yelling "y a Lucy, y a Lucy" to anyone who would lesson and eventually there was like a group of about 10 kids from this class all looking up, waving etc and then I was treated to a delightful rendition of the colour song I'd taught them...super cute!

oh and there might be another strike NEXT Thursday...ha ha ha...

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L'Auberge Espagnole

FINALLY watched "L'auberge espagnole" last night. This film has come up in conversation soooo many times this year and somehow I'd missed the hype and not seen it. It's pretty fitting to watch it during this year I guess as it's all about a guy who leaves his life (including hippy Mum and super-French girlfriend, Audrey Tautou) in Paris and heads to Barcelona for an Erasmus year. I guess in many ways his experience might be compared to ours...only there are a lot more international romantic interludes for these guys, and it's slightly depressing that at the end when he trys going back to his finance job he gets freaked out and runs off...that's soooo gonna be what I'll wanna do when I get back to the real world. It was pretty funny in places and the European 'stereotypes' aren't over-done, some of the morals are slightly weak (he's sleeping around with this married woman but then gets all depressed and 'woe is me' when his girlfriend tells him she hasn't been faithful either) but overall, yeah, pretty cool film...would recommend it!


Need to watch the sequel now...

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Wakey wakey rise and shine!

Well it is 10am and so far has been a productive morning.

Meeting with bank manager went well...so far everything seems almost TOO easy I can't quite let myself believe it.
Bank: Apparently can just leave account open and send a letter with card and cheques from England when I want to close it. And should be able to do an international transfer online of my last pay cheque to English account.
EDF/Water company: Call up day I leave, give them the numbers and my English address so they should send bill there.
CAF: Call a week before I leave and tell them I'm moving out of appartment.
France Telecom: Have written a letter so in theory they should send me a box to return livebox in and stop direct debits from end of June.

And err I think that's it. All sorted with landlord, just need to find a time on last day for him to come and check things over/give me deposit back etc.

So yeah from the bank I wandered into town with my shopping bag and strolled round the market. It really is a lovely ambiance, and 9.30am is defo the best time to be there, loads of people, the fruit and veg smells amazing, and yeah was a "woah I love France" moment. Got some strawberrys from a guy who gabbled at me about how he doesn't use any chemicals on them for about 10 minutes, but I didn't get much more than that, he had a CRAZY accent.

Have kinda come to a stand-still now, waiting for library/piscine to open.

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