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A bientot!

The end of the preparation chapter

sunny 11 °C

Well I am equipped with a French mobile number, my luggage is already over the weight limit, the pin for my new debit card has arrived, and I have said my goodbyes :-( so methinks it's time for the off! Leave Bristol at 12.10 tomorrow.

Will write again from France!

And here begins The Great Big Adventure En France!


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What I'm hoping for...

all seasons in one day -17 °C

Coming back and forgetting the English words for things.

If that happens I'll be mission accomplished!

Its the start of my last 3 days here. Today I'm doing the traditional end-of-vac shopping trip with Joe to get his kitchen stuff, stationary etc and check out the exciting new shops which have opened in Exeter city centre, seeing my cousin this eve as it's her birthday and calling a couple of friends. Tomorrow I'll prob get all my packing done, and go out for a meal with Joe, leaving me Wednesday to sort out any last minute bits and say good bye to anyone I haven't seen already (grandparents etc). My parents have both got Thursday off of work to take me to Bristol airport where I'm going to meet Rachel.

Had a dream the other night that I got an apartment in the middle of a restaurant with everyone sat on a balcony eating dinner looking down at my bedroom!

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5 days left

all seasons in one day

5 days left then....

The last week has sort of passed me by, seen a couple of people I wanted to catch up with before I left which has been nice. For various reasons there are others I haven't been able to see which is a shame, but yeah....I'm not gone forever. Have sorted some more stuff out, but I'm kinda a bit over-organised I think. Have done this before, I go through my panicky stage and then with a week still to go I'm not sure what to do; got piles and lists ready to pack (ish), have sorted out all the paperwork I can here, emailed my contact my arrival details (managed to mess that up with my rubbish French...good start!) etc etc.

So yeah now I'm sortof not sure what to do....What am I going to miss and wish I'd spent these 5 days doing?
Well spending time with Joe (but theres only so much of me he can take!), spending time with family (but theres only so much of them I can take)..... Although they are taking me out for yummy breakfast and walk on Sunday (ah Devon countryside, there's something!).

And other than that I'm not too sure!

Ooo good news is that the temperatures in Bordeaux at the moment are much better than here...this, and seeing Rachel and looking at Perigueux leaflets my Uncle brought back from his hol, has made me excited!

What I really should be doing is attacking the list of reading I've got to do for my degree or I shall be in deep poo this time next year, but I just can't be bothered to be honest, too much else on my mind at the mo....any excuse!

Another night in front of rubbish tv then? Sounds good!

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Oh and also...

sunny 18 °C

I made leaflets for my family and friends telling them what I'm going to be doing, where I'm going to be doing it and how to stay in touch (and idea stolen from my friend Katherine). Just thought it would be nice if people understood what exactly I was doing for the year...and of course there'll be no excuses for not visiting or whatever!

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10 days left in the UK


sunny 18 °C

10 days left in the UK. Been busy this week trying to get all the boring, time-consuming preparation stuff done so I have plenty of time in the next week to meet up with people, Joe etc.

So, I started the week by ordering a French pay-as-you-go Orange sim from 0044.co.uk...not sure yet what is going to be the best way for me to call people/people to call me, but at least I'm covered now with a French number to give to school/bank etc and can sort myself out with cheapest option when I get there.

Booked a train ticket from Bordeaux to Perigueux.

Found out that even though I'd paid extra to take 2 pieces of checked-in luggage to France I'm still only allowed a maximum of 20kg, arrrgggghhhhhhh!

Looked into getting a 'carte 12-25' (discount train travel youth card) and an ISIC card.

Heard from people who are also just about to leave for Perigueux/Bordeaux academie through various email lists that are going around.

Collected together a load of cards, leaflets etc to take out for teaching, and looked at some websites/books etc to do with teaching. Think I'm going to keep a journal of teaching ideas etc. www.academie-bordeaux.fr/ia24/langues24.htm is really great!

Sorted out insurance with Endsleigh.

Translated birth certificate/guarantor letter for flat.

Opened a Nationwide current account - no fee for overseas transactions, woo! (although had to get up very early on a Saturday and stand in a massive queue at 9 o clock to get this sorted, grrr).

Went shopping with mum and she bought me some new smart clothes for teaching.

Started a list of other stuff to pack.

And, unrelated, had my first driving lesson and an evening out with yummy tapas and the best cocktail ever (cherrystone) with friends from home before they go back to Uni!

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