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Heading out for a leaving dinner with JPP (responsable) and the others in a minute (Cat leaves on Friday...another one bites the dust:-( ) so not time for a long email but yeah had a lovely weekend. Biarritz was a really nice place, funky shops, nice ambiance, cool beach, cute harbour, and had a totally relaxing 2 days napping and reading on the beach, which was totally needed. Was sunny, swam in the sea in MASSIVE WAVES, drank sangria, had nice meals out (including awesome brochettes which had to be seen to be believed!) and stayed in this well cute little hotel just up from beach (which was totally luxe by my standards!). Bit windy at times but meant the surfers were out in force which was cool and we totally tanned not realising how hot it was. Train back slightly annoying because theres been a fire at Coutras, but could have been worse.

School today kinda sucked again but SUPER excited about tomorrow because our wicked partner school in Otley has send an amazzzzing culture box for me to share with the children, including a school jumper which they're going to LOVE trying on, will take pics. Also happy because my private pupil said today that her grade has gone from an 8 (out of 20) to a 16 while I've been teaching her!!!

Sunny and sooooo humid today.

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Bad day today. Well, no, really it was just one really bad lesson...that darned CE2 class again. They're just a nightmare...unpolite with no respect. I tried ignoring the behaivour and engaging them with the activities, shouting, lecturing them calmly about their lack of respect, moving children around, sending children out, getting them to work in silence....and still that group of boys messed around, and backchatted me. I am seriously hoping it's the teachers fault, which I think it is, because there is no way I could deal with that class for a year...

All I can say is thank goodness for P, CE1, who came up to me with a big smile before his lesson started witha piece of paper which said "Pour Lucie, de la part de Peter" and was covered in hearts!

Chased France Telecom to send me box for the livebox today and cancelled CAF. Time to get ready for tomorrow and pack for the weekend now...

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bcp de progres!

Je suis vraiment contente (même s’il n’a pas fait le temps qu’on voulait pour faire un pique-nique aujourd’hui). Bref, j’ai fini mes trois dissertations pour l’année (c’est-à-dire celle de l’Europe, une discussion des détails visuels de Racine et une commentaire de Bajazet) ! Et, j’ai quand même trouvé le temps de bien nettoyer mon appartement ce matin.

En plus, mon propriétaire est venu avec la prochaine locataire et il m’a dit que j’ai fait beaucoup de progrès en français cette année...que mon accent est beaucoup meilleur et que les phrases ne m’échappent plus, je comprends tous ce qu’il me dit. Ca me plait beaucoup, d’entendre ça, parce qu’il reste encore des jours où je me sens vraiment nul et où je veux pas faire l’effort de parler.

Hier soir on a regardé un film français « Ne le dit à personne »...c’était bien fait mais je n’aime pas trop les films de ce genre, c’est frustrant de ne comprendre qu’à la fin ce que se passe.

D’ailleurs le temps passe trop vite. J’ai pas encore réussi à organiser tous avec France Telecom/la banque etc, et il y a beaucoup de choses que je VEUX encore faire à Périgueux  MAIS, en trois semaines, GLASTONBURY ! 

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I forgot to say...

...all the important stuff!

Firstly, Sunday...there was meant to be this day of exciting free stuff, canoeing, biking, rollerblading, trampolines etc etc etc all along the river so me and Molly trot off totally up for some canoeing, to find, CANCELLED. Because of the weather. Sucks but we actually ended up having a lovely long walk all the way along the river to Leclerc and back, about 2hours in all, was nice and saw some cute baby duckies.

And yesterday was Cat's birthday so we all (well the 4 of us left!) went out for dinner, and it was AMAZING. Like a really top notch place, gotta be some of the best quality food I've had here and defo in Perigueux. For starter I had melon which came with a strawberry and lettuce salad and this yummy melon liqueur thingy, main course was duck in a really good peach sauce with AMAZING sauteed potatoes and then I had strawberries for dessert. Really good stuff. MMM.....

After some discussion with the other assistants I am on a "weather ban" from tomorrow!

night night

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Yeah, essays nearly finished wooooo! Was back in the "oxford mindset" I guess today, spinning out a few thousand words this afternoon, feels good. To reward myself am gonna go to Biarritz for (God willing) some sunshine and sea for a couple of days this weekend, last trip away....

So off out tonight to book that and watch a French film...we just realised there is like a whole load of French films we havent seen yet so gonna try and crack through some of them these net couple of weeks.

Oh and funny story today. Teaching food to my CE1/CE2 class, and little L trying to say "ice-cream" somehow (and completely innocently) gets the word "sex" out of her mouth, loud and clear, no denying it. I seriously had to fight back a laugh, especially when I saw a little grin come over the (not very smiley) teacher's face at the back of the room. It went over most of the kids heads although a few started murmering, and V got as far as "AHHHH, elle a dit un gros mot....ca, ca veut dire....." at which point I yelled "Valentine" very loudly to get her to shut up and cover up whatever she was about to say. Luckily she got the hint.

My CM1CM2 class asked how many lessons of English we had laughed and there were a few "ah non, c'est dommage..." which is nice. And yesterday when I was leaving Zola, little M-E was like following me though the playground grabbing hold of my bag and telling me that she really didn't want English to stop and that she was going to do German but now shes really happy he did English because she loves English.

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