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November 2007

Les lumieres de Noel sont allumees!

The christmas lights have been turned on!

That is all.

Happy start of Advent everyone!


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Faisant la fete

overcast 3 °C

Ce soir je suis sortie avec Molly et Lynn pour aller faire la fete de l'anniversaire d'une autre assistante. C'etait tres bien, et sutout parce qu'on n'avez parle que francais...il y avait des assistants d'espagnol et d'allemand et des etudiants francais tres sympa donc on a parle le francais et c'etait tres bien passe. Hier une enseignant m'a dit que mon francais commence a s'ammeliorer et je crois qu'est elle avait raison, je fais un tout petit peu de progression. Voila...j'ecris en francais! Desole encore pas d'accents au blog et j'ai bu un p'tit peu de champagne donc il y a peut-etre des fautes mais, ca y est. Au moins j'ai un plus de confiance en moi et de mon francais.

Il y a un sapin de Noel tres pres de mon immeuble maintenant qui est vriament enorme! Et comme c'est joli! J'attends avec impatience le Noel...la semaine prochaine je vais commencer de faire le theme de Noel avec mes classes. Parlant de ca je dois faire des lecons demain matin....ALORS bonne nuit a tous!


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And overnight...

...trees appeared!

sunny 2 °C

Christmas is coming!

Last weekend a big Christmas tree was put up in the square by the cathedral, and todays lots of little ones have appeared all around the town with red ribbons on, they're kinda random like literally just tied to railings etc but don't half look cute! Like they just landed there! Photos to come...

I have a strong feeling the lights may be turned on on Saturday, they've been up long enough!

Us assistants are considering going Carol Singing. I've decided its almost time to listen to the Christmas music on my computer.

AND we've been paid so next week when my bestest friend Charlene is here I shall be doing some christmas shopping! yay!

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27th November


Been to school choir again today, here are the songs we sing:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipjlf6dlhFU Les p'tits papiers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnG_VjVoDAc La mauvaise repuatation

Ha ha. Loves it muchly.

Also had an absolutely classic conversation in one of my lessons:

Me to CM2 (holds up a picture of a frog):
What's this?

A crazy

Err pardon?

A crazy

Err....essaye l'autre mot (try the other word)

Theo (in a "i don't believe you" voice with expected French 'r'):
A frog?!


Rest of class almost explodes as they realise the song wasnt saying that the crazy was frog but that the frog was crazy. So funny. But also kinda worrying...the influence that song could have on their lives!

You should all check out this site: http://ecoledavesne.cm1-cm2.over-blog.com/
It's a blog done by my best class and their lovely teacher. And I get a mention, woo! We made Christmas cards today to send to Rehills school in Exeter, hoping to set up a correspondence with them.

Bisous with the teachers has just about sorted itself out now I think...was brave and now I do it with most of them (err that sounds dodgy...I *kiss* most of them...) but now I have a new problem which is all the little girls wanting to kiss me. I don't think it's a big thing, the other assistants have found the same thing and the teachers don't stop it, but I feel kinda uncomfortable with it and it is just getting ridiculous...takes me like half an hour to cross the playground and don't want to start being accused of favouritism. Was thinking of doing a lesson on English handshaking and getting them all to do that...!

Just as things were getting back to normal in France after all the strikes there's new problems to deal with. Thousands of students skipped lectures to join blocades and demonstrations against the Pecresse law today and in Paris there have been riots after 2 young people were accidentally killed by a police car. This is particularly worrying people as it is very reminiscent of what happened almost exactly a year ago: mass riots which started in African and Arab Parisien communities and eventually spread across Paris and to many other big cities in France following the electrocution of two teenagers who had climbed into an electrical sub-station in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, supposedly hiding from the police.

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Strikes are over!


Well the strikes are just about over it seems...I think they just dwindled out in the end as more and more workers came back (having given up a quarter of their month's wages) however there are more planned for 20th December time if they don't get want they want in the next couple of weeks.

Very grey here today.

Have had a lovely weekend. On Friday we had a Thanksgiving meal with the American assistants which was a really good night. Chicken, homemade stuffing, gravy, mashed potato, salad, brocolli salad, bread washed down with some wine and followed by pumpkin pie and chocolate rice-krispie thingys...mmmmmm..... We listened to cheesy music, learnt the story of Thanksgiving from lovely Molly and played silly games taught to us by Lynn! All gooooood. Rachel hung around yesterday and we had a nice walk along the river, watched Le diner des Cons (pretty funny, although I preferred Le Placard and La Doublure), then we met up with all the other assistants again. All very jolly. Need to get some more French into my life this week I think...I might as well have been in England this week, need some more Frenchy stuff to write about on here. I really think I've had delayed culture shock or something...this last week I've really just been in such a funny mood.

Yucky grey overcast weather today


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