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June 2007

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So, last Wednesday I recieved my official notice of work. I have been allocated to a school in Perigueux, which is in the Acquitaine region, and prefecture (capital) of the Dordogne department. Population of just over 30, 000 people, and looks like a gorgeous little place. It has strong links with the Roman Catholic Church, an amphitheatre, Roman villa and cathedral. I've also heard that a lot of the students there are in boarding schools from the surrounding villages. My school is called E.E.PU Le Centre Andre Davesnebut can't really find out that much information about it from the net. I've written to the school and to the local Inspection Academique trying to get hold of more information, particularly about accommodation etc. Have had an email back from the conseiller pedagogique who says he will give us the email addresses of the 20 assistants from last year, and will hopefully hear from the school before they close for the summer.

Still not too much I can do organisation-wise then, just waiting to get some info (still hoping there will be an easy accommodation option). Have started looking at flights, April to October I can fly Exeter to Bergerac (which will about 60km I think from Perigueux), and the whole year there are flights from Bristol to Bordeuax (which is about an hour and 15mins from Perigueux on train).

Have heard that British Council Language Assistants are now going to be given part-Erasmus status which helps a bit as I won't have to pay tuition fees after all! :-)

Next week I begin three weeks paid work expereince in the MFL department of a local secondary school so that should be a good chance to get some ideas etc. Really want to start buying lots of resources etc...could easily spend a fortune but at the moment sticking to postcards etc! And my friend is going to get some from America....all I need is a holiday to Australia now.

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Just found out I'm going to be in a town called Perigueux next year; looks quite small but very pretty so all good. Longer entry soon, right now I'm desperately scribbling letters to headteacher etc before I head off to Glastonbury Festival for the weekend!

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