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May 2008

sunshine after the rain


Woo! Have had 48 hours of sunnnnshiiinnnnnne. Went to see Jackpot (What happens in Vegas) at the cinema, was entertaining. Otherwise have mostly been "in the zone" trying to crack out this last essay and commentary so I can really enjoy my last couple of weeks here, profit from every minute before the Summer En Angleterre commences. Have made decisions on summer now and been having major fantasies about fish and chips on the beach and roast potatoes at home...mmmmmm.....

So yeah, ca y est.

Off chez Cecile's tonight to watch Les poupees russes and eat popcorn!

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A lesson in French music

Two absolute classics



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Le debut de la fin


Got a bit of a cold and am pretty tired after a randomly crazy last night with Hari and Eddie (and the gang), so just gonna be a quick entry to get up to date. The weather absolutely sucks at the mo, sooo grey and wet, like November basically and really starting to get depressing, especially with all these "goodbyes",but has been some really goodtimes this weekend (as well as 2200 words of essayage!). Oh and Muriel has offered me her house for a week of cat-sitting in August so that might be a good excuse to come back (especially as its the week of Perigueux's international festival of mime, Mimos)...but we'll see I should probably work...
Oh and Joe's exams are all finished, YAY! So have been able to have some nice relaxed proper chats with him lately, yay!!!

So yeah Katie arrived on Friday, was great to have her around this weekend, hear about her travels and stuff but she headed back for LA via Paris yesterday. :-(

Friday night was Hari's leaving party thrown by the surveillants at his school which was really funny, they put on some really good food, olives, ham etc, and then all rocked out to old English rock music, pretty entertaining. Saturday we laid in a bit and then Katie got her errands done to finish up in Perigueux while I got some serious essay writing done (this ones a literature essay on Racine). In the evening we all headed up to Claveille for a Eurovision party, took nibbles and drink and did a sweepstake and it was a really fun night, Eurovision always funny and, quelle surprise, we came bottom! but the France entry was cool. We ended up staying late reminiscing and Eddie had written a Perigueux song, was soo sweet and cool,ahhh the memories. Need to try and get a copy of the video of it. Lou stayed at mine too on Saturday night so on Sunday we had a chilled out day : chocolate milk, crepes, and nutella and baguette when we woke up at 12, an afternoon of essay, magazines and pic and mix, followed by pizza and Music and Lyrics in the evening. Lovely day.

My kids did some cute work yesterday and today for their correspondants in England. The younger ones wrote and decorated "My favourite things" letters and the older kids are working on a "My School" project, they're looking really good.

And yeah last night was Au Revoir to Eddie and Hari. But we sent them out with a true bang. Another amazing meal and some good wine at the Pataterie, followed by several giraffes at the Irish Corner, some random French talk with Guigui, Cecile and CEDRIC, a little stop at the fountain on the way home and me, Lou, Eddie and Hari did some crazy dancing at Claveille. Was super fun. Will miss everyone. But reuions are being planned across the world.

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sunny 23 °C

Alors, quoi de neuf?

Couple of busy days at school...children unsettled but it's ok. Really pushed my classes of CM1/CM2 at Davesne, tried teaching them time and the concepts of "quarter to"/"half past" etc are kinda hard for them, but it was good, they're bright kids and it was interesting to really stretch them.

When at home have been trying to crack on with my essay on Racine, have got a reasonable plan down now so just gotta get on with it and WRITE IT.

Tomorrow there's a transport strike.

Lovely and sunny today, properly warm, yay!

Sadly didn't get out in it too much today...slept through a lot of the morning, last night we did the Perigueux Pub Crawl! We went to Cafe de la Place, Le Cercle (a new-ish wine bar), Cafe de Paris, Brasserie President Wilson, and the Irish Bar. Was fun! This afternoon we went back to the Aquacap swimming pool...think I might be getting an addiction to the hammam/sauna/jacuzzi!

Think thats about it really...

All good though. Joe finishes exams tomorrow, YAY!

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Excellent French slang website

found by Cat! Thanks!


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