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May 2007

Current preparation...


1) Meeting and talking to other future assistants on Facebook and assistantsinfrance.com; seems everyone is equally excited and terrified, but really nice to be able to 'meet' people before we get out there. Some people have booked flights already- haven't even thought about that! 1 way ticket to France...woah, scary!

2) Thinking about resources to take out with me, list so far is as follows (mostly on the advise of past/current assistants)-
CDs of childrens songs and traditional songs
Photos of home/family/friends (must remember to take some of Oxford before I leave)
Maps and postcards
Stickers and pennys (for prizes!)
Cadburys chocolate (?!)
Games (not sure what I'll be able to carry over really...)
Some photocopies from ESL books/jolly phonics
Microsoft word media extras CD for the clipart!

And possibly things such as markers/chalk/sacks to throw/dice/eggtimers, but hopefully I'll be able to get the school to pay for these types of things when I get there.

Think my mum could be quite useful over the summer as she is a preschool leader so I shall be picking her brains for ideas!

3) Beginning the 'paperwork'-trying to sort out how much money I'm going to get (studentfinancedirect are the bane of my life!), filling in forms for Uni, and passing on my current Oxford commitments (presidency of Linguists' Society, voluntary English language teaching) to other people :-(

4) Reading "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't All be Wrong". Ok, so it's not really preparation, but it is a fascinating account of what makes the French tick, and you never know, might help to reduce the old culture shock a bit!

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So, I'm going to France...


I am going to be an 'assistante' in France! From October, I'll be employed in between one and three primary schools somewhere in the Bordeaux 'academie' for nine months teaching English to French children.

I suppose I've started this blog for three reasons:
1) As a personal record of my experiences (perhaps to form the basis of a handwritten journal or album at some point)
2) As a way to keep family and friends who I'm not in regular contact with (and indeed those I am!) up to date with what I'm up to
3) As a possible source of information for future language assistants. I have already found forums etc such as assistantsinfrance.com absolutely invaluable in planning my own year as a language assistant

Ok, I gave into the blogging phenomenon. This platform is, however, very cool and so it's allowed; it does funky things like putting all your trips onto a multimedia map and you can be sure I shall be including plenty of pics over the next 12 months or so!

I suppose for any 'randomers' who do end up reading this I should introduce myself slightly. My name is Lucy. I am originally from Exeter (Devon, UK) but am currently at the University of Oxford (UK) where I am studying for a BA in French and Linguistics.

This year teaching in France is part of my compulsory year abroad, but I hope one day to become a primary MFL teacher proper so the experience is fantastic!

Current concerns for the year: finding housing (really hoping the school I'm allocated to will help!), French paperwork (which seems to be as bad in reality as the myths lead us to believe), general homesickness/missing of family/friends/rather longterm boyfriend, Joe who will be staying here in the UK for the third year of his maths degree.us5.jpg

Looking forward to: teaching! Improving my French (& having some time to catch up on the reading I haven't done for Uni this year), exploring a new culture, meeting tons of new people, being in France and, of course, the wine!

The update so far is that I applied back before Christmas and have just heard that I've been placed in Bordeaux academie (my first choice of destination) and that I'll be working in 'des ecoles primaires' (primary schools-also my first choice). The academie, however, is a really huge area so I now have to await my certificate of appointment (arrete d'affectation) to come sometime between June and August (!) so that I can get in touch with the schools(s) I will be working at and really sort myself out.

A bientot


P.S. For those of you in the know, sorry for the lack of accents in my French I shall try and sort this out!

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