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Introducing new vocabulary

My tried and tested methods: looking out for more please!!!


-Good old listen and look, repeat. Hold up flashcards one at a time or stick them on the board and point. On average about 9 words seems to work best.
-As above, point to 1 flascard, say, repeat, then flascards 1&2, then 1&2&3, then 1&2&3&4 and so on.
-Blindlearning. Have all flashcards on board, go through them all several times in order then take down/cover up flashcard 1 and get the kids to say it then go through the rest, then take down 1&2 they have to say both, go through the rest and so on untill they say all the words in order without seeing any of the flashcards.
-When saying/repeating words use different voices/intonations which they have to copy. Really helps keep their attention. Loudly and quietly works great; whispering so softly they can only just hear you means they really have to listen and doing it loudly means the shy ones aren't scared.
-Ask the class/individuals "What's this?" and hold up flashcard
-As above but with part of it covered with black card (so they only see part of the picture)
-Look at child A in the classroom, hold up a flashcard and whisper "What's this?" followed by the name of child B who is sat elsewhere. They have to listen out for their name (because you won't be looking at them) and tell you what it is.
-Give each child a flashcard/a set of mini flashcards. I say a word and if they have that thing they have to hold it up.
-Have all flashcards on board, ask the children to "close your eyes", then remove one (two? three?!) cards and ask tthem "What's missing?".
-Get two children (one from each team) to come up to the front, make a big deal out of this and get them to turn around and shut their eyes. Distribute flashcards to some of the children in class and get one of them to stand up. Get two at front to open eyes and race to say the name of that flashcard which is being held up.

Other ways

-Introduce each word with an action
-Introduce words with a song


-Get class into two teams. One at a time a member of each time comes up, you say a word and the first person to touch the flashcard/draw the item/act the gesture/write the word gets a point for his team.
-Noughts and crosses. On the board draw a noughts and crosses board and fill the squares with numbers, letters, flashcards etc, in order to get a nought or cross for their team the child has to say the item which is in the square he wants; make sure each child can only get one go, so the others have to do it "for the team".
-Memory game/"Pairs"; they have to say the words when they turn the cards over and try and find ones that match in order to win a point against their partner (either two pictures which are the same/go together, or the word and the picture)
-Dictee. I say a word they have to write it down or draw a picture which corresponds with it.
-Simon Says


-Try to make sure that my CE2/CM1/CM2 classes always have a list of the words we have learnt as a record of what we have done. Normally I do this by asking them to copy all the words in English from the board and then, next to each they can either draw an illustration or write the word in French if they prefer.

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