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Bordeaux avec Lynn et Rachel

First aventure of les vacances de Toussaint


Had such a great day today.

Yesterday, I really was a big lazy bum. Apart from going to buy lunch and have a gorgeous Indian meal with Lynn (tried my frist Mango Lassy and a spinach and goat's cheese curry...both highly recommended!), I really did not leave my room. Just sat curled up in my duvet in front of Facebook, or watching Spooks on DVD that Dad brought out or reading trashy magasines that mum brought out! I also listened to Matt on Oxide radio and got a shout out which was fun! It was a kinda nice and relaxing day, and good to catch up with friends online, but I didn't realise how sad until I had such a brilliant, busy day today! I am also getting a bit of an addiction to photos! Have uploaded so many since I've been here, but it is a good way for people to see what I'm up to I guess and SUCH a good record of the memories.

Other news; I miss Joe lots!

I need to start a new regime of eating healthier (i.e. proper meals rather than constant snacking!), doing some University work and integrating myself a bit more into the whole Frenchiness of this country now I'm settled!

But, anyway, to my fun day exploring Bordeaux which has left me really happy! Set off at 8am this morning, met Lynn at the train station and headed off to Bordeaux (with Rachel meeting us half-way there at Montpon). We then spent the day exploring, taking photos and eating! We started off by taking a bus tour which was good giving us a better idea of our bearings (I'd really only explored a very small part of the city on my other two visits) and a bit about the history of the city which is basically really wealthy due to its Port-action.

We did some shopping; a lot of the same shops as Perigueux (Pimkie etc), but also a H&M and a Fnac (electronics shop which they also have in America, Lynn was very excited!). Interestingly also a C&A (old school eh?!) where the girls tried on winter hats! It was pretty cold today at times, and even rained a bit...I think winter may be here at last. There was a fun toy shop all decorated up for Christmas which reminded me of when we used to go to Toys R Us in Plymouth to choose what to put on our Christmas lists!

We also went out for a yummy lunch. The first cafe/restaurant we tried was a bit rubbish, they had two dishes of the day, both pasta. We rocked up at 12.30 and they told us one of them had run out so we all ordered the other (as did most of the French people sat around us), 10 minutes later they came and told the three of us that they only had 2 of those meals left! So we tried out our stroppy French and told them we were going elsewhere. Ended up at a slightly more up-market restaurant where I enjoyed a salad with goat's cheese toast and we shared a yummy ice-cream dessert. We have basically been eating all day...we also enjoyed chichis at the Fairground, which are like long doughnuts, and sampled the two local cakes; little flavoured macarons and a bordelaise Canale...neither of which were actually that good! Eurgh I feel like such a big pig tonight!

At the fairground we went on the big wheel...Lynn was slightly freaked out by it, I enjoyed it and Rachel, eyeing up the spinning-you-upside-down-rides, said it was boring and too slow! But, whatever, it gave you nice views of the city...he he...photo opportunity! DSCN3705.jpg
He he I took 101 photo today, Rachel kept moaning but I think we all agree that it's really nice to have the memories.

We went into the cathedral...it was nice but a bit strange because they were doing some more kind of renovation work on the inside so it wasn't exactly peaceful! There was a weird display in there about some nun who they're trying to make into a saint.

We went back to the misty miroir d'eau just as it was getting dark and the pretty lights were coming on which was very atmospheric. There was this funny Asian couple who asked us to take a photo of them and then kept doing different romantic poses and got us to take about 5 or 6 photos in all I think which was funny.

And then we caught the tram back to the station, and the train home (playing Tarot with the celebrity Tarot cards in French Glamour to pass the time!).

I really liked Bordeaux, and I think I'll visit again, but in many ways I'm happy to be in a small town. Definately happy to have found such brilliant friends. Rachel is so settled in Montpon, she went to her neighbours birthday party and she's going to be performing in a Thai Boxing display in December...I'm so impressed. And both her, Lynn and the others have been so kind, thoughtful and fun to have around these last few weeks. Yay!

Halloween tomorrow! My mum left me a little treat :-) ... I wonder if there'll be many children out here?

Rachel and I just realised today that there won't be any 5th of November celebrations here which is kind of sad, but I'm really looking forward to Christmas...I'm such a kid! There are lights up in Perigueux waiting to be turned on and I'm REALLY hoping there's going to be christmas markets and carols and stuff! I'm going to have a little Christmas tea chez moi at some point; Christmas dinner is a no-go what with the whole no oven situation, but the American assistants aren't going home so it would be nice to have some kind of celebration with them, plus they don't have crackers in America! What's with that?! So yeah I'm thinking head to Lidls for some stollen cake, some of those nice gingery biscuits and mulled wine! Also trying to think of the best way to cover Christmas in my last week or so of teaching...I was thinking of making cards and maybe talking about some cultural stuff? not sure.

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