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(or how to avoid packing)

Have actually grown to love...
The "bisous"...in theory a nice idea. I think it will be weird to go back to seeing friends and not properly saying "hello" in that way.

Sunday closing...there is something nice about walking through town on a Sunday morning when only the Cathedral, the bakers, and some cafes are open, and there's hardly anyone around. Kinda like Christmas Day at home...only every Sunday.

Foie gras. Idea=gross. Taste=actually kinda yummy.

Techtonik...just hilarious.

Will never understand...
The Frenchman's love of horrible little dogs. And how no-one has gone on strike over the dog poo. Which is Everywhere.


Lunchtime closing. Seriously, just employ another member of stuff to work for an hour while you go eat your baguette.

Bisous without the love. Or even a "bonjour". Seriously if you don't like me, DON'T KISS ME.

Men in white trousers. NOT A GOOD IDEA.

How French businesses keep going when, often, the customer is NEVER right (in their eyes at least).

I will miss eating...
The top of my baguette as I carry it home from the bakers.
Many parts of little duckies which the Perigord serves up very well.
Pains aux raisins/quiche...anything else from the boulangerie/patisserie basically.
The biscuit which comes with my coffee in a cafe.
The slices of baguette which come with my drink in a restaurant.

I won't be able to stop saying...
Ca va. They seriously just say it all the time.
Quand meme.
The verb phrase, "en profiter"
Pas de soucis.
I'm sure there are others...

I have learnt...
to say "yes"
to be a super-quick (and much lighter!) packer!
plenty of Francais

But most of all I will miss the AWESOME ASSISTANTS, who ROCK and have all been both fun and caring friends to spend the year. But it's ok we have a reunion planned, Bolivia July 2013 (and hopefully West Coast US before then!). Will also miss Muriel and co and the other nice Frenchies I've met.

And the children!
Smiling Solal
Leila and her singing at the front of the class
Sophia (Oh nooooo!)
Valentin (AlWAYS had the answer...apart from "thirteen")
Eloise (shaking my hand with her sticky snacktime fingers)

Theo, Lucie and Victoria (really bright, nice young people...will go far)
Juliette (sooo quiet but sweet)

Blanche, Clara and Florine (Drama queens!!!)
Simon (my brightest and keenest pupil)
Romain (class clown)
Lucas (once marked his own work!)
Veronica (likes to think she's English!)
Camille and Eugenie

Thomas (one minute smiley/hyper, next minute all sad and quiet!)
Sacha (superbright, superfidgety),
Marie-emilie (dans la lune)
Peter (blew me kisses from the playground!)
Louis (used to cry...was star pupil today!)

Chloe (diamond in the rough)
Ugo (that's "u"go)
Morgane and Laurana

Dylan (so cute with his little glasses when speaking/doing gestures)
Thomas (moi je sais!!!)
Lola, Melissa, Enora, Ines (6 year old teenage girls!)
Timothee and Yohan

Geoffery (aww)
Vincent (cheeky smile)
Sara (loves horses!)
Naomi (gave me sweeties today)

Marion (classic! smiling, sooo much energy, "sit down Marionnnn!!!)
Thomas and Arthur (would charm there way out of any punitio)
Alexandra (once wrote LOADS!)
Clarisse and clementine (love singing, ask for homework)

Has been an amazing experience. Can't believe it is coming to an end already, but YAY for seeing family, friends and mon amour! And yay for a house with an oven, and a washing machine. And a town with a fish and chip shop.

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