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Mixed sentiments

OK, first things first, le week-end.

Saturday was a busy day almost finishing my essay (which has been a beast of work this week but pretty pleased, it's getting there), and making flashcards for "food" and "my classroom". Rachel came in the eve, made yummy tomato and honeyed chicken for dinner and we watched some TV. Sunday was really fun, bit more work and a little wander in the morning (hitting a random Car Show here in Perigueux!) then the afternoon was spent enjoying two games of bowling with the guys (was a REALLY yucky wet and windy day so that was ideal) and then an AMAZING meal at the "pataterie"....oh my god, SUCH a big meal, feel like all that swimming went right down the drain but sooooo good: a MASSIVE baked potato, confit de canard, salad with lardons and gesiers and this yum yum yummmy creamy, mushroom and Cognac sauce....mmmmmmmmm....and, gotta love French "menus", it came with dessert too!

Been thinking about how I feel about leaving France and stuff...well Katie got my going really, she was saying how she was experiencing like a "resentment" stage of culture shock where she was getting angry about people pointing out the differences between us and them, for example the sarky "bon appetit" if they DARE catch you eating whilst walking/not at a mealtime. I wasn't quite sure I'd experienced this and then today I was sat in the staffroom and got (internally) really angry with the teachers.... ike I have REALLY tried my best with them, weighing up every kiss and bonjour, and constantly trying to make conversation, but they just make no damned effort at all. Muriel has been amazing, and a couple of other teachers OK, but otherwise it's really really difficult. And the weird thing is that all of us primary assistants have had the same thing and like, we're the foreigners here, can't you, for one, just take an interest in asking us what we did at the weekend/talking about our lesson or something..... And yeah like today I asked this young teacher "Did you have a nice weekend?". Her response was "Bah oui". Literally that was it. No expansion. No question back in reply. And I don't know why it's like this. Add to this the one teacher who like screws her face up and looks like I'm talkig flipping Martian everytime I try to talk to her and the fact that there's a lot of "politics" between the teachers anyway (and therefore impenetrable "cliques" of whispering some breaktimes), and you see pehaps why I wanted to go and run around in the playground with the children at lunchtime today!

I think maybe the loss of an hour's sleep and the "manque" of my boyfriend in France might be making me a bit cranky today too.

Oh my god I'm totally picking up words from Les Americaines...cranky...I never say cranky...

And then I was also thinking about going home. And can't help thinking, despite France's problems, that I'm gonna really miss being here this summer. Got a feeling Exeter is just not going to be the same...plus there's a small chance Joe is going to be in Tazmania which really limits the attractions further! ;-) It's just gonna be working in the shop, learning to drive and panicking about the lack of Uni reading I've done and, to be honest, I'd rather stay here drinking coffees in the sunny squares. But just gotta focus on the good stuff I guess...Tescos, Boots, and the people I love!

Have started on the list of things to be done before I leave:
France Telecom
Rent (+ deposit and extra CAF payment owed to me)
Bank account

Err....what else? God, I'm sure there's other stuff...

If there's anything which will cheer me up it's gotta be this:
:-) :-) :-)

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