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A little weekend of sunshine!

sunny 18 °C

So Friday I headed to chez Rachel, Montpon. The weather the whole weekend has been absolutely incroyable for February. The morning cold but between like 12ish and 6ish, absolutely gorgeous and very warm (like, at times, down to just a t-shirt weather!). Seriously hoping this is going to last...but I fear not :-( . Was cool to see Rach again and catchup on whats been going down these last few weeks, but it's really weird as we're now starting to look towards the end of our time here (particularly for her and the other 7 monthers, like 2 months left...), cannot believe how fast it is going. Just quickly as a reminded to myself...
Stuff I still want to do
Go out for a nice meal in the old centre of Perigueux
Go clubbing again
Angoleume maybe
St Emillion
St Rochelle

Ok, anyway so back to the weekend. Rachel cooked as a yum yum yummmy risotto on Friday night and then we went to the cinema with her neighbour Marie and her son Paul to see "Asterix". I have never seen a cinema so busy; it was actually full! And this was Montpon! The French do love their BDs though. Was pretty good; entertaining enough, lots of cameos/all the famous French stars and in many ways seemed kinda "unFrench" to me, well unlike the other French films I've seen.

Saturday morning we were up early for the weekend and got a train to Libourne. Was a random town, seemed really quiet and dead. I guess it's just so close to Bordeaux that all the locals had headed there for their shopping or out to the countryside to enjoy the sun. But cool to have crossed another town off of the list and had a nice time. It was a pretty place and we wandered a bit by the river, and did some shopping. Rachel got stuff for her trip to Morocco and I got a BARGAINTASTIC pair of shoes...2EUR and I really like them. Then, of course, in the way of things when Rach and I are together, it was time for food! First off we tried a "merveille", the doughnuttty thing they have for mardi gras, was pretty good...apparently like a "yum yum". Then we had lunch; quiche (sooo loving the quiche at the mo) and pasta dauphinois from a good (and cheap) little cafe/bakery. Then we wandered a bit more and found a really nice little bar/cafe with chairs in the sun so we installed ourselves there for a bit...was so warm and we people watched and I was very content!

Then we headed back to Montpon. Next job was to hit Intermarche and buy a dessert as our contribution to the Soiree Perigourdine (which was going to be our evening's entertainment, organised by Rach and Marie's fitness club/gym); we opted for a "tarte aux pommes", always good. Chilled out for a bit and then got ready to go out. It was a dressy event and really enjoyed taking some time to get scrubbed up nicely. We went next door and took some photos with Marie, Dominique and Paul and then we all headed off.

When we arrived there were loads more people there than I imagined (150 maybe?) and was a really nice atmosphere, although kinda tricky for Rach and I to make small-talk with all these Frenchies we didn't know, and not helped by the fact we were the youngest there by quite a long way (apart from the children...although we were probably closer to their age than most of the adults). So we turned up at about 8.30pm and for the first hour or so it was aperitif and nibbles. Then the music started and we all sat down, but we weren't there long before they all got up and started dancing. I was really surprised at how quickly everyone got into it (even before we started eating)...there were no British inhibitions. And basically the rest of the evening passed as eat, dance, eat, dance, eat, dance etc until we left at 2am. The tables were decorated nicely and there was plenty of bread, wine and water all evening. The music was mostly random French stuff which they all knew and danced too- most of the dancing was like "proper" couple-y dancing and they all showed off their waltz, passe double etc etc, but they also did some more upbeat stuff including a bit of an English mix including YMCA and Freak Out! Rachel and I threw some moves, and, well the French didn't know what had hit them. I think my personal favourite was when they were all moving sedately across the dance floor in neat little circles and Rach and I just go right through the middle with our "flamenco". Or when Rachel just danced by herself, holding her arms as if the French man of her dreams was there. Or when Rach *DID* pull a French man, an eighty year old French man who looked suspiciously like Father Christmas. We later took a photo of him with an older lady (perhaps his wife although who knows, he did the rounds) and he gave us his business card so we can send it to him!

The food was really good and although it was all spread out so it didn't feel like it I think I had a LOT of calories. So first up was Soup Tourin, apparently a local thing, it was a tomato-y, onion-y (and apparently garlic-y) soup that you pour over a piece of bread with melted cheese on. Was yum. Next course was, of course, foie gras on bread with salad. Then the main course was this DELICIOUS steamed ham (really tender...mmm....) in a yuumy sauce (with these mushrooms, trompettes de l'amour) and haricots (they love the haricots there) and couenne (pig's skin, turned that one down). Then cheese (ok as long as you didn't breathe through your nose) and endive salad. Then desserts. So everyone had brought a dessert and they were all laid out as a big buffet to help yourself. I have never seen anything like the stampede to get to them...it was so unBritish it was untrue. Firstly, as soon as they announced dessert was ready everyone RAN (none of this "Oh no dahling, I couldn't possibly be the first in the queue"). Err yeah, secondly, no queue, just dive in wherever. Thirdly, no-one took one dessert, everyone took at least three. Was so funny. And yummy. Then coffee and more dancing till we left, pretty tired.

Slept in till 11 this morning which was good. Had breakfast, went for a wander down to the lacks and sat and sunned ourselves for a nice long while. Tried "bolognaise toast" for lunch (oh my god, this has so been another entry all about food) and then I headed back to Peri.

Ah, life is good. It's almost 6pm and it's still light (and sunny!).

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