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Me! A teacher! With Muriel's class CM1-CM2 (9-11 years) doing "Describing people"....hair, eyes etc etc...


(at this very moment in time I think I'm saying "Eugenie has got straight hair")

Muriel has put the photos on the blog and the children have written a little description:

Has been a pretty good week of teaching...the children have been a bit chatty at times, which is tiring. But have made a massive effort to use more English/less French and it seems to be working...it's amazing actually what they can understand and they pick up little things like "sorry", "good girl" and they will respond well if you say "Here finished?" etc. Also if one child is really not getting it, one of the others who has will eventually get frustrated and shout it ot in French, I tell him "We don't need a translation" and glare a bit but don't actually tell them off, because sometimes its actually useful and saves ME breaking the "no French" rule...but shhh!

Had a brilliant lesson today with CE1-CE2. Have introduced a scheme which I use EVERY lesson now with a sad face on the board and childrens name go under it. At the end we always play noughts and crosses/hangman or sing a song and if their name is up they don't get to play until I think they've been quiet for a long enough period of time for me to rub their name off. But anyway yeah so today we went shopping! I took in 3 shopping lists, little pictures of the fruits which were on the lists (and which we'd already learnt) and some 5, 10 and 20 pence pieces. The first time I distributed fruits to them and said "I'm going SHOPPING" (with big gesutres to myself, emphasis on SHOPPING which they understand and jangling my money. Then I said "Can I have ....an apple?". The child with an apple holds up their hand and I set up a little dialogue with them (all in English), hello, how much?, thank you etc, and give them the money. Repeated this several times so they all got the idea. Then split them into 3 teams (still all in English...), gave each team their shopping list of 4 fruits and some money and went through them with them having to do their shopping with me. Then a big "Oh you have 4 fruits! Well done!" to the team who did all their shopping first.

I was kinda nervous about doing this (these kids are very excitable and have only been doing English since end of Nov), but actually the amount of English I said and they fact they could add in little things like "Hello!" and "Thank you" which we haven't exactly learnt but which they know, really kept their attention and yeah it went really well.

S, the monster of the school, came up to me at the end and asked to look at the money, then she said
"Mais, ils ne sont pas francais!" I said "No, they're English", "English...mais quand tu vas dans les magasins tu utilises l'argent anglais?!". He he oh well, they had fun and learnt the names of fruits but I guess I still need to work on their "comprehension of other cultures and languages around the world" eh?!

Rachel is coming later, so hopefully we'll do something fun with the others tonight, and tomorrow we're going to do the tourist office tour of Peri and make some travelling plans.

Gonna hit the soldes for an hour or so now I think.


Posted by LHsugarsugar 04:53 Archived in France

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